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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 29, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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then, the next faze of the president's health care law started tuesday when uninsured learns can start shopping for coverage through online marketplaces. >> if you will have ever tried to buy if on your own, this is a lot easier. >> two leading senators debate how obama care will affect you. tim kaine who supports the plan, and mike lee who wants it repealed. and the historic phone call between obama and rouhani. and our american power player of the weekend. >> when i looked out from under my helmet, all of these marines were looking at me. >> hello again from fox news in
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washington. we're just hours away from a potential government shut down. the house passed a revamped spending bill, but added conditions that the senate democrats call unacceptable. kevin mccarthy is joining me, the senate whip. now you sent a measure to the senate to keep funding obama care, but with a year delay in -- keep funding the government with a year delay in obama care and a repeal on the tax on medical devices. now harry reid says that is dead on arrival when they come back into session monday afternoon ten hours before the shut down. i know you want them to pass it, but i assume they don't. what do you do then? >> you assume they won't, but there were 79 senators that
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voted to end the pacemaker tax. you have the president this year every single month delaying a portion. i think let's have the debate. let's allow those senators in states they live in -- >> it's a privileged motion. they don't even have to debate, harry reid can throw it in the trash. >> but when you look at the american pub hick, learning what's going on with this bill, opposing it, you go to some of these states where they have difficult races, i think they have to be pressuring their leaders. >> okay, assume for the sake of discussion they reject it. what will the house do then? >> i think the house will get back together and in enough time send another provision not to
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shut the down, and there will be options again. when you look at what has transpired since obama care moved forward, we have created jobs in this country, but 90% of them have been part-time. that is why you find that we will fund the government and still ask for delays balm care. >> here is what president obama said on friday. >> my message to congress is this. do not shut down the government. do not shut down the economy. pass a budget on time, pay our bills on time. >> now, this will be the first government shut down if it happens in 17 years. 800,000 federal workers will be fur
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furloughed. >> the government will not be shut down. while the president was golfing and senators went home, we were here working to make sure it didn't happen until 1:00 a.m. we're talking to the representatives of the american people who want to deal with this problem. the president went out to the american people and said if you have your health care and you like it, you can keep it. this letter here is to a widow in new jersey. she cannot keep her health care next year, she cannot renew it next year. this is a problem when you find that obama care is not going to work, to delay it. assuming that the senators do what they say they're going to do and they reject this issue, will you have a claim
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with democratic votes and send it back to the senate to avoid a shut down? >> this is not a place to negotiate, but i promise you this, we will pass the bill if the senate does what you think they will do, that will keep th house that i believe the senate can accept. that will have fundamental changes in obama care to protect the economy for america. >> so there will be a obama care rider or amendment if you will? >> i think there will be additions that i have found in the senate that senate democrats say they can support. you just heard a senator from west virginia that is a democrat saying why does the president treat business one way but individuals another way. i think there are so that question bass -- >> but if delay is in the deal, what else is on the table?
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>> there are a lot of items on the table. you spent more time negotiating with me than the president has spent on this. how many times have you found the teamsters, the biggest unions in america, partnering with business. what do they say about obama care? they say it is breaking the backbone of america. we're no longer having full time jobs. >> how about the possibility of a short-term claim cr, keep funding the government two or three days to avoid the shut down and keep this going. >> we will not shut the government down. we have to negotiate longer, and we will continue to negotiate. >> so a very short term cr is possible. >> the thing that we continue to look at, we don't want to shut the economy down. you cannot have the a part-time
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america. you cannot have a president that passes legislation and says he won't deal with the subject. do you realize he has signed seven bills that change provisions inside of obama care. there is 70 democrats sitting in there that have voted for them. >> let's be honest. you did not want to be in this position. the fact is that speaker boehner and you in the leadership wanted to sense a bill that would fund government. measure it, it could be taken out and passed and that was refused by members of your government. then you wanted to switch. and the tea party faction refused. which raises the question who is running it?
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>> us. did you see it was a full republican vote last night. we have a $17 trillion debt. larger than our entire economy. 90% of all jobs created last year were part-time. this is a much bigger issue about what we are spending our money on, and what is coming into this country. >> a couple of find questions. ted cruz and mike lee have been seen on the house floor lobbying them to buck what you're working on. >> cruz has talked for 21 hours, how many more people learned about obama care. how many more people learned about the effect its will have
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on america. it's not u.s. the widow -- >> but should they go and lobby on the house floor -- >> we have the same goal, at times different strategies, but we're working to the same end. >> finally, you have two deadlines coming up. we have the possibility of a shut down and october 17th we have a debt limit. >> i will not negotiate on anything when it comes to the full faith and credit of the united states of america. >> now, as you pointed out, he is refusing to negotiate on that but he is open to us diplomatic with the iranians. i want to put up a list of measures that you want to add, the conditions for adding an
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increase to the debt limit. tax reform, build the keystone pipeline. the white house says you want to attach the entire republican platform to raising the debt limit. snlt that over the top? >> no, we want to grow jobs. when in america did greating jobs become something wrong. he is not listening to the american people. the bloomberg poll just came out that they want him to koesht. $17 trillion, that is more than our entire economy. why isn't he negotiating? he will negotiate everywhere else but he won't focus on what is happening in america today? >> congressman mccarthy, thank
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you, get some sleep you were up late last night. thanks and we'll watch what happens on capitol hill. a possible government shut down is not the only thing going on this week. on october 1st, people can start shopping obama care insurance exchanges. >> on tuesday, about 40 million more americans will finally be able to buy affordable health care like anybody else. >> how the new health care law will effect you. can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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october 1st could mark the start of a government shut down, but it is definitely day one for a key piece of obama care. on tuesday, americans without health insurance will be able to shop for insurance. utah's mike lee is leading republican efforts to delay obama care. tim kaine supports it. welcome back to fox news sunday. senator kaine, your side has already rejected the bill that the house passed last night. will you pass their measure which would keep funding the military? >> chris, in all likelihood we
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will. we feel it's insufficient, but it is necessary. i don't expect that to be too controversial. >> you have been openly lobbying house conservatives to go up against speaker boehner's plans. is that appropriate? >> well, first of all i support what the house has done. i support what the house did last night based on what i heard about. and i support what they did last week. republicans are doing everything we can to protect america from a shut down and from the harmful effects of obama care. every day we hear about somebody losing their job. we also know that the president himself acknowledged that the law is not ready. he is making exceptions for people.
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if it's not ready for some, it's not ready for everyone and we should delay it for everyone. >> because of the fact that the exchanges kick in, and on october 1st we want to have this debate. first, coverage. here is what the president promi promised. >> you can keep your doctor, keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> but major companies like these on the screen say they will put their workers on public or private exchanges. senator lee, many of those folks will not be able to keep their doctors or plans. >> many of those won't nor the 20,000 employees of home depot that just learned they will lose their insurance as well. how many more will have to lose their wages, or hours because
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they have to have cuts. if obama care is the law, why isn't the president following? why is he rewriting it? is. >> i want to speak to show it will affect people. if you like your doctor, if you like your plan, you can keep them, but a lot of people will be thrown into public exchanges where they can't keep their doctors or their plans. >> chris, i agree we should have this debate, be but should not connect it to a government shut down. >> but let's -- >> no, i'm going to answer your question. >> i want to answer my question -- >> the delay provision says that everything that goes into effect gets delayed for a year. dos that delay the exchanges? it would definitely delay the ability of people not to be
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turns away from pre existing conditions. >> we're not going to pass it because it is wrong to do a shut down of government to make that change. >> the question is the president promised you can keep your coverage, you can keep your doctor -- >> no you can't. in the exchanges? the news that came out in the ek changes last week is that people will have vastly more voices of insurance products and the ability to have them subsidized. this is -- >> if i'm seeing dr. smith, and i like him, i can't see him any more. >> the number of options is so great, you're going to have all kinds of choices, dr. smith or others that you want to see.
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>> the facts just don't back that up. this law is a train wreck. it has been described it as much. as difficult as it is to -- >> i'm trying to stop the rhetoric. >> i can tell you why it's not a train wreck. >> i'm not asking about that. i'm asking about premiums, it's like herding cats here today. here is what the president promised. >> they said these rates would come in real high, they would be sky high, and they came in lower than we expected, lower than i predicted. >> but the reality is wrr
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complicated. let's take the example of a 27-year-old nonsmoker in phil who now plays $73 a month. and he will pay $195 a month under the cheapest obama care plan. senator lee, in addition to the fact these plans came out last week, they will also have big deductibles. >> big deductibles and high premiums. and we're seeing their statistics for 27-year-olds and even up to 40-year-olds, people will be paying sometimes double what they have been paying currently. and this is not acceptable. we are seeing astronomical increases and people can't afford that right now and we can't afford to put that on the american people, especially when we're being told by the
9:21 am
president this law will make health care cheaper and more fair. >> senator, i want to show you a letter that blue cross blue shield sent a 62-year-old couple in chicago that last week. they run a small business. it says under the affordable care act, they must get a new policy that doubles their deductible to $5,000 each. and increases their premium. again. that is not what the president promised. >> chris, i don't believe everything an insurance company says. i'm sure they say it's because this is an affordable care act. these are people that were kicking people off of policies and turning them away because of pre-existing coverage. >> they're premium may go up but it may have nothing to do with the affordable care act.
9:22 am
it will be very favorable to people and some of the numbers reported earlier didn't take into account the subsidies. so it will be subsidized and dropped to be very affordable. it is a very important question but we should not be wrapping up them with the threat of government shut down. >> i'm not saying that shirr, and the shut down is a different issue. >> i'm going to keep bringing it back because only one side is linking obama care with the sure down of government. on our side we want to have other debates. >> i think you made that point. let's go to the requequestion o jobs. under obama care, any company with more than 50 full-time workers, they must have a work-pay penalty. president obama says that won't be a problem. >> they said this would billion
9:23 am
a disaster in terms of job. there is no widespread evidence that it is hurting jobs. >> but a study found 313 kbaens are laying off workers or cutting their hours. >> this is yet another example of what happens in washington. as we say, the bullet points are very interest bill. especially with legislation that no one read before they passed it. as it is taking effect, as we're getting ready for this law to kick in fully, we're seeing the harmful effects. people are losing access to health care. it's getting more expensive, not less ek pensive. we want to hand out those favors to all americans. we want the delay for everyone.
9:24 am
the only way to do that is in connection with the continuing resolution. >> we're all seeing that people and kids are not getting turned away. small business are gets tax credit. seniors are getting free preventive care. that we can't discriminate against women. i had personal experience, when i was running for senate, and they said we'll snurn you and your husband and two of the three kids. and it is now against the law to say to a kid that we're not going to insure you but we will insure everyone else.
9:25 am
>> let's keep the subject on jobs. republicans are saying this is costing jobs, so is big labor, take a look at this. >> we'll be damned if we're going to lose health insurance because of unintended consequences. >> union leaders, big obama spo supporters are saying it's hurting them. >> so let's debate on a fix and not on delay. in march, the senate passed in a budget an idea to reform those medical device tags. it was in the budget bill. the republicans blocked us from going into a conference. you fix it in a budget conference not a government shut down. >> i want to get to one last
9:26 am
area. the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates that by 2006 obama care will cover 30 to 33 million people that are no covered. senator lee, after all of the talk about delaying and defunding obama care, you do not have a plan that takes care of those millions of people who are now uninsured. >> that same entity also found that ten years from now we will still have 31 million uninsured in america. we were promised this hau would take care of that. >> it would perhaps and we also know that as go into that, that would come at a cost of many, many jobs. >> you don't have a plan that
9:27 am
would cover if not all uninsu uninsured, tens of millions. >> i submitted one last year. the house republican study committee recently introduced a plan. it would make it more possible for more people to afford hurnz and make sure they can carry it state to state so more people can afford it. >> i'm going to say i'm glad that mike has a plan. i asked him the other day, he talked about reforms he would like. i said have you introduced the bill and he said no, but i want to put one together. let's put plans back together and talk about fixing and adjusting. when you hurt millions of people, you usually don't
9:28 am
achieve your end. they wonder why you did that to them. we should not be talking about government shut down. let's talk reform. we want to do reforms, but it's wrong to tie it up to a government shut down. >> thank you both for coming in, it should be an interesting week. on capitol hill tord it's the final day to find a way to avoid a shut down. our sunday panel weighs in on what they think will happen. without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing to make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. it can change the future. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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your hate for the president is getting in the way of what's best for the country. >> he will negotiate with dictators before he will negotiate with us. we have reached out with a compromise. >> that is just a taste of the bitter debate on the house floor last night as the shut down intensifies. we have evan and juan williams with us. i think it's fair that most people thought this was political theater, that they would get it settled, but with
9:33 am
the house last night passing a bill, and the snast not even meeting until 2:00, suddenly this is beginning to look quite real. what speaks to you about the possibility of a shut down. >> you saw it in the interviews that he just did, how the two sides view this. senator lee kept saying it was a bad law. senator kaine kept saying don't shut down the government. the democrats leaf that shut down is a disaster for the republicans because they will be blamed. and if history is a guide, they will. so that's where we are and neither side i think feels they have an incentive to mover forward with a compromise. it's possible we will get an 11th hour deal that will be a continuing resolution for a matter of several days to give
9:34 am
us more time. but unless some compromise emerges that both sides seem likely to agree on, that seems to be where we're going. >> you and two republicans have come together under the group no labels to offer your plan which is to freeze all spending, all taxes, to suspend the debt veals, what's your reasoning? >> the most important issue is to keep business growing and creating jobs, and all of this is holding the private sector back. ben bernanke said one of our greatest risks to the economy is our own government.
9:35 am
sol we said suspend this in all likelihood in the end of the next calendar year. let's not taint the economy over the political disputes in washington. >> what may be most interesting is not the split you see between republicans and democrats but the split inside the gop. but in the senate at one point, ted cruz was accusing some of his fellow republicans of appeasement. and he was accused of grandstanding. >> you go to the 1940s, nazi germany. we saw when they said accept the
9:36 am
naz nazis. >> i understand that you're waiting because you sent out releases and e-mails so everyone can watch. >> cruz and mike lee are putting more pressure on their fellow republicans than they are on red state democrats. and they have a vote as to whether or not they will fund obama care or not. >> everyone is saying this is the republican party between the people who are principal and those who are soft -- what is becoming clear all along is those who want add common sense strategically planned way of going forward, and they marched ahead, they didn't do any of the hard work to make it work. i called some of these groups and said what's your plan, what
9:37 am
senate democrats, what is the pr strategy, what's the fall back? i was told these are all tedium questions. so now this is what we have. and the reality is they have made a lot of strategic blunders. they did this on the budget is instead of the debt ceiling. they have no fall back plan. they sacrificed some of their best leverage. and they're giving democrats an excuse now to say we're not doing anything because this is a spectacle. >> juan, where is this headed? >> when will there be a shut down? >> i think there will be a shut down and i think the policy
9:38 am
indicates -- i was listens to what kim was saying, and i was responding to is some of the top radio hosts saying let's stir the base. the republican base, and we can raise u money. i think that's why you have people from heritage action to freedom work, they got all of the rest going saying we know a way here to stir political passion that goes beyond saying we're going to win. winning for them -- >> i think you couched upon this earlier. we saw a line in the republican party, so the reason they make these errors is that a certain
9:39 am
number of those house members are worried about winning a primary. the speaker, senator mcconnell. they have to worry about getting a majority. that's just not part of the calculus. >> is there any downside here for the president for senate des moiness if this shift goes over? >> there never has been, and i must tell you that i was stuffed by the reaction. the republican party was in much better them they are now. they with a newly elected speaker, and when the government shut down as a result of spending cuts, i thought that he would get much of the blame if not most of it.
9:40 am
the public hated the shut down. they argue it's all different this time. i think the republicans will get blaminged and it will be very important for them. that's what i think the laters on the hill are worried about. the government shut downs are political poiseen. >> when we come back, that historic phone call, the president's conversation with the new leader of iron causes a freeze. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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we can arrive to manage our severances. >> we are now talking to each other, there are still major differences to resolve. the white house released the big picture friday afternoon. president obama in the oval office on the found with president rowhani. the first time the leaders of the two countries have spoken since back in 1979. brit, having said that, where are we now? >> i don't think anything can be shown that has changed except that there was a conversation and we have a rather more appealing fellow. he does very well by comparison with his thuggish predecessor. but so far, iran has not done anything. if you listen to that sound
9:45 am
bite, he is talking about arriving at an agreeable frame work. what does that mean? that's just talk. and unless and until iran agrees to do something and does it, to reduce the possibility of a nuclear arsenal, it's a middle degree of interest in this. >> the phone call followed a meeting on thursday, and the iranians are now saying they will bring a plan to address western concerns. when they meet in gineva. the iranians are saying this could be done in months. >> i think a fair amount of skepticism is in order when it comes to the iranians. the new president has a more
9:46 am
modern face. but they want a nuclear capability. there is some disagreement about how far they should go and what exactly that means, but they should be a nuclear power. so what they really want is a lesson in economic sanctions and he is perfectly happen to pocket any of the concessions that we would make, but not on the goal of being a power are we willing to live with a nauk alreauclear. >> let me pick up on that because prime minister netanyahu will be meeting with obama tomorrow on monday before he goes to make his speech in the united nations, you have to figure he is going to say to the president -- >> right, especially because the
9:47 am
isrealis are well briefed. but look at his history. that's what he has done in the past. this guy was was a chief nuclear negotiator. you calm down tensions. you make a few conciliatory outreaches to everybody, and you're buying time for the iranians to continue moving, and march forward. he bragged about this at one point. he said that's what we did, we calmed everything down. we were able to finish work. so the president needs to look at it here. and i think the absolute worst situation is somewhat of what we outlined and what you don't want to take cough for all of these sanks and even worse suggest that it was okay to do snuk lar
9:48 am
grade. >> what do you think are the chances that the west will be played? >> well north degreed it. they said they're going to do away with their nuclear capabilities. >> i just -- i think this is a very historic moment with tremendous, tremendous opportunities. we talked about what is going on in syria. you talk about what's going on in terms of the israeli and it's all directly related to iran. if you think about ian and it's power behind the terrorists. >> i'm saying this is a tremendous moment of opportunity for the united states to strike some kind of deal that would allow us to, i think, lower tensions markedly in the middle east.
9:49 am
in terms of negotiabling in syria, they said the french -- >> i want to talk about syria. a un security counsel passed something that allowed sanctions. on the other hand, there was negative news that syria a week ago declared what the weapon's stockpile was, and the u.s. says that acknowledged weapon sites that the u.s. believes they have. so are they already playing the shell game? is. >> that's the big worry. these outlaw regimes, and syria, will make concessions on a nonsticking point. you look at it carically and it
9:50 am
turns out the concession is full of all kinds of loopholes and sho shortcomings. so i think that's where we are with syria in more advanced stages with their chemical weapon stockpiles. president obama is so eager to have diplomatic processes under way to address the issues that they become an end themselves to him. and a substitute for action. >> we have less than a minute left. i think, senator bayh, you would say this president doesn't want to get vothed in military action even less so given that couldn't ryan say we can whether the storm, and we can do all of this, and they're not going to come in and take out our nuclear
9:51 am
power? >> yeah, the iranians can just kind ofd rope us alo-- kind of e us along and get what they want. >> on that happy note, we'll take a break. remember our discussion continues every weekend on panel plus on up next, our power player of the week. american here rows gather after 150 years. ppened so we could be a better, safer ppenedenergy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven.
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see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. one of the joys of this job is the people that i meet on and off camera. a couple days ago i got to participate in an event and sit
9:54 am
down with very special people. here is our power player. >> it stands for, i think, america, who we are, what we can accomplish, and what we stand for. >> he is talking about the congressional medal of honor. he received it for actions above and beyond the call of duty 48 years ago. >> i was a first lieu den nant. i was on my first patrol. >> his company was ambushed. he had never been shot at, but now he was in charm. >> i looked up from under my el m -- helmet, and they wanted to know what do we do. >> they called in help to take out the dead and wounded.
9:55 am
>> i was not in fear for my safety, just that i would make the right decision. >> i met him last week at the congressional medal honor society. it was the 150th anniversary of when lincoln first bestowed the award. more than 144 men and one woman have received it. 79 are still living and 44 were there. >> dedication and service. >> it's a chance to get together and share war stories. but more important to promote their core value. public sacrifice, and the local schools that talk to kids that don't even know about the medal of honor. >> the willingness to sacrifice for your buddies is what counts.
9:56 am
>> i hosted an event with two recipients from afghanistan. >> that was not a special day, it was just a day in afghanistan, a day in combat. >> and clint romashay who lead a outpost while outnumbered six to one. >> barnum is not happy with where we are today. >> from the president on down, politicians talk about how war weary this country is. >> if we're going to do it, do it right and come home. it's like if a wasp lands on you, it's dead, but if you flick it, you're going to make him mad. >> more than anything he says the medal has set a standard.
9:57 am
he is trying to live up to this last half century. >> this is what got me to that position. i would never do or say anything to tarnish the history. >> barnum now works with a group that provides segueses to verns with serious injuries to give them back mobility. that's it for today, have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." 
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